Designated Areas

We have designated rooms for the children to play and sleep and a heated outdoor log cabin with lots of space to run around


Music and song is a fundamental part of our day and musical instruments are available for children to play with and learn.

Regular Outings

We have an eight seater people carrier and we take regular trips to the woods, local park, national trust and other play areas


We have play rooms, quite rooms, gardens and outdoor play Areas

Designated Areas For The Children To Play and Rest

We have a designated play room with a selection of age appropriate toys: There are dressing up clothes for role playing games; baby dolls to dress and care for; trains, cars and planes; art and craft materials; sand, water, paint and clay; books for story time and numerical games, and much much more. All toys and equipment fulfill aspects of the EYFS and are easily accessible for children to self-select. Children enjoy 'helping' in the kitchen and we make healthy things to eat. Music and movement is a big part of the children's day and a selection of instruments are available for children to use and learn. At rest time children have a quiet and cosy room to sleep. Meals are a social event for the children and they all sit together at the table. We foster independence and good manners at meal times with children setting out the table and clearing up afterwards.

Secure, Private Garden In Use All Year Round

We have a secure, private garden which we use all year round as children love to play outdoors. whatever the weather children dress accordingly and are able to play in the fresh air. From the play room to the garden the children have open access enabling them to go outside and play whenever they want to. The garden includes a decked area for sand and water play, and an ever changing variety of tents, dens and play equipment.

We are keen to encourage children to learn from their natural surroundings and include exciting outings to local forests, woodland, beaches and parkland thereby enabling children to experience different environments and the changing seasons.
Due to the small number of children we have at one time, all individual needs can be catered for. Our staffing ratios mean children get lots of attention (one adult to every 3 children). Children who are keen to explore the outside world can go along on a day trips with Maxine or Neil whilst those who benefit from rest and indoor pursuits can stay at the house.

Neil has qualified as an Outdoor School Teacher and so day sessions in the woods learning forest school crafts are a regular outing.

Heated Log Cabin With Lots Of Space

In the garden we have built a log cabin providing a large space for the children to play. We have birthday parties, drama productions and visiting attractions in the cabin and it is a perfect venue. Cupboards containing various toys that are easily accessible. The children love the log cabin to dance and play musical statues in as well as story time and circle time sitting on the bean bags.

Two story childrens house

Two story childrens house


Charlie-Mae (aged 2) says:
“Nanny lets me help make cakes to take home for my mummy”

Jarred (aged 3) says:
“I like going to the Forest School with Uncle Neil because we get to run around and play in the woods”

Kai (aged 8) says:
“Nanny Maxine looks after me after school and I like to play on their computer before tea time”

Olivia (age 2) says:
" I like coming to Nanny's house because we get to play lots of games and do drawing"

Jesse (age 2) says
" yes...... ice cream"

Emily Rose (age 4) says
"I like the little children and play that I am their mother and I like Sassy dog because she is so soft and fluffy".

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