Importance of Policies and Proceedures

All Policies are regularly monitored and reviewed to reflect Government legislation and registration requirements.

Clarity of content

These documents for the setting are to promote a safe and secure environment for each individual person who takes an active role in the childcare setting.

Ofsted Requires

Ofsted requires all settings to have a set of policies and procedures that are clear and concise and revised regularly to make sure they reflect best practice.

Policies and Procedures for Select Childcare

At Select Childcare we have developed a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure the highest quality of care and consistency for your child.


Charlie-Mae (aged 2) says:
“Nanny lets me help make cakes to take home for my mummy”

Jarred (aged 3) says:
“I like going to the Forest School with Uncle Neil because we get to run around and play in the woods”

Kai (aged 8) says:
“Nanny Maxine looks after me after school and I like to play on their computer before tea time”

Olivia (age 2) says:
" I like coming to Nanny's house because we get to play lots of games and do drawing"

Jesse (age 2) says
" yes...... ice cream"

Emily Rose (age 4) says
"I like the little children and play that I am their mother and I like Sassy dog because she is so soft and fluffy".

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