3:1 Ratio

"The positive effects of reduced student-to-teacher ratio are the most apparent in early education.": Center for public education, 2002

Learning, Between Birth and Three

Simply put, a child’s early years lay the foundation for all that is to come. In recent years, researchers have learned that the human brain develops the vast majority of its neurons, and is at its most receptive to learning, between birth and three years of age. (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000)

Consistency In Care

"Low staff turnover. Teachers who have been in a program longer establish bonds with the children, and those relationships help children grow and learn" The National Association for the Education of Young Children


Here you can find some testimonials from current and previous parents at Select Childcare

Time Outdoors

"I chose Maxine and Neil to provide childcare for my son, not only because of their Outstanding OFSTED reports, but also because I knew that he would spend lots of time outdoors and receive the best care from two people who have years of experience. Whether it's playing it their huge garden on all the toys or going to the beach or running around parks, I know that he is having a good time and in great hands." Kind regards Emma

Home From Home Environment

Select Childcare was our first choice for 3 year old Ben. As soon as we walked in, we could tell it was a real home-from-home environment. Over the 18 months that Neil and Maxine have looked after him, he has developed into a happy and confident young lad. He has been involved in all sorts of activities, inside and outside, and has made some very good friends. It is a brilliant place for young children to prepare for the next stage – huge thanks and compliments to Neil and Maxine! Niamh

“Am I going to nanny’s tomorrow”

Just wanted to say thank you once again for looking after both boys. They have both immensely enjoyed their time with you and we can not thank you enough for all the love and nurture you have given them. Particularly Charlie who I feel is much more secure and capable of dealing with his new adventures at pre school now. When I was getting him ready for bed tonight he said "am I going to nanny's tomorrow". I explained (again) how he wasn't going to nanny's for a while but would hopefully go back in the school holidays if he wanted to. To which he replied "good because I do love nanny you know". Vickie

“Happy environment rather than just a baby sitting mentality”

Our daughter, Charlotte has been attending Select Childcare for approximately 1 1/2 years. We had been having a tough time deciding where to send our precious child whilst we worked. Upon meeting Maxine and Neil we felt at ease straight away and very much liked the family atmosphere from their home as opposed to some of the larger nurseries we had visited. Maxine was very natural with Charlotte and Neil had a sense of fun about him. We have been very happy that Maxine and Neil implement educational philosophies in a fun and happy environment rather than just a baby sitting mentality. As a result, we have seen positive changes in Charlottes development. Nick and DAve

My children have developed fantastically in their care

My children have developed fantastically in their care in terms of knowing right from wrong, manners, social skills and educationally. My eldest son has now gone on to pre-school and is excelling above all in his class. I believe that Maxine & Neil are hugely responsible for giving him the foundations to become the little person he is today. Regards Sarah P

Thank you so much for everything

Thank you so much for everything you have provided Orla with an environment in which she has thrived, developing into a confident, articulate and strong three year old.

Sam was in the best care

I have come to the conclusion that been a parent can make me feel enjoyment, worry and guilty. The first few weeks of putting Sam into childcare gave me lots of worry and I did feel guilty at first. After time I realised Sam was in the best care he would feel so excited coming to see you in the mornings. When I said to Sam he was coming to see you both he would rush to the front door. Thank you for all of your help

Your So Kind

Thank you for taking care of our precious girls

Thank you for taking care of our precious girls and giving them such a great start they will miss you very much. Kirsty and Ryan

He loved time in the park, trips the forest as well as playing in the house

Julius enjoyed spending time in your care very much! He was always happy, he loved time in the park, trips the forest as well as playing in the house and garden not to mention your lovely shed.

He Loved The Time In The Park

Amazing Effort

You have made an amazing effort and effect on Molly’s development.

Dear Maxine and Neil,
We would like to thank you for absolutely all your care and support to Molly. You have made an amazing effort and effect on Molly’s development.



Day on the Beach

lots of excursions to local natural attractions of East Devon.

We are very happy with Select Childcare. Apostolis has been attending the facility for 7 months now, he has recently had his 2nd birthday and has been going there full time (Monday to Friday) since summer, when we moved from Athens, Greece to the UK and specifically Exeter.

Maxine and Neil have succeeded in providing Apostolis with the means and care for the best transition possible to a new environment, a new culture and most importantly a new language. Both childminders have been monitoring closely his daily development, have pointed out issues that should be handled delicately, have had frequent discussions with us about our child and have always made suggestions that brought the progress we wanted in a variety of matters. As a result, Apostolis feels completely at home in the setting and is developing in a very satisfactory way physically, mentally and emotionally.

One of the characteristics that make Select Childcare exceptional in its core, is the fact that the daily outdoors activities are pretty regular and entail a lot of excursions to local natural attractions of East Devon. The children are introduced to the beautiful beaches/forests/farm life of the area, get familiarised with exploring nature and at the same time develop strong physical skills and endurance. the fact that Apostolis hasn’t been actually sick but once during those months is, we think, related to these regular daily outings.

We have noted and appreciated the constant care of both childminders to provide the children with good quality toys, bespoke doll and garden houses, up-to-date sound and media devices and material while at the same time they teach them how to successfully use outdoor and indoor equipment, something that has increased Apostolis’s sense of responsibility and achievement also at home.



I would not want to send my children to any other childcare provider

Select Childcare have looked after all 3 of my children. They are aged 10, 5 and 3. My 5 year old daughter started when she was 18 months until school, and my 3 year old attended from only a few months old until recently starting pre-school. My 10 year old attends after school.

Maxine and Neil offer a very unique service with regards to a ‘child minding’ provision. They are proactive in their approach to understanding each child as individuals and take time to cater to their individual needs. Each of my children are completely different and have different interests… Neil and Maxine ensure that they have activities that they enjoy and learn from.

The children love going to them. They are collected from school and taken back to their home, where they have fun, are nurtured, fed and spend time doing things that interest them. Neil and Maxine take them out, do educational and creative activities with them.

I would not want to send my children to any other childcare provider, and would recommend them to anyone wanting childminders who are flexible, fun, kind and with a professional attitude to safeguarding, policy and procedure.




Two story childrens house

Two story childrens house

The garden has been wonderfully tailored for the children’s benefit

Maxine and Neil have been providing our childcare since our eldest daughter Charlotte was 9 months old, she is now in Pre-School since February 2016 and due to start Reception year at school in September, she gets very excited when she returns during the school holidays. Our son George joined 2 years after Charlotte and is still attending 3 days per week. We have always had a family feeling towards Maxine and Neil and I feel I can ask for their guidance with any topic however big or small and more often than not my worries have been resolved.
Our love of the outdoors is shared by Maxine and Neil and they regularly take the children out and about on various expeditions to the forests, nearby parks and beaches which the children enjoy very much. The garden has been wonderfully tailored for the children's benefit including a large shed where they play music, dance and have parties in. More recently Neil added a children's playhouse which they all adore.
We can see that our children are becoming confident, independent and happy and we believe that their time in Select Childcare has contributed to this, as well as Sassy dog.

N C and D T

The setting is homely and feels like dropping Grace off at a friend’s house.

"Grace has been looked after by Neil and Nanny Max for 14 months. She talks fondly of her time at their house and as soon as I collect her she tells me all about her day on the ride home. At weekends Grace asks when she is going back to Maxine's house to see her friends and is always excited to return! She even ask me if she can take her cousin with her to play!
The setting is homely and feels like dropping Grace off at a friend's house. I am always welcomed and both Neil and Maxine are always pleased to see Grace.
We are kept up to date with her development and are made aware of any concerns. The photos we are sent are lovely and really document her time there, she is always smiling and having fun!
We are very lucky to have found a child minder who is so flexible around shift work and happy to accommodate our requests.....and most importantly who Grace adores, even though "Neil is silly"...her words, not mine!!"


Outdoor Schoo;

she is given so many opportunities to develop new skills and play with other children

Dear Neil and Maxine
I wanted to say that since Anwen has been coming to you, she has really flourished. We take her to you because she is so happy , and as parents we feel secure that she is not only well looked after, but that she is given so many opportunities to develop new skills and play with other children.
She always tells us how much she loves going to 'Sassy's house' .
Her big sisters often ask when they can go to Sassy's house again as the sessions they have spent with you have formed some great memories.
It's a complete pleasure to see you, and so reassuring for us to see her being so happy in your care, and we feel cared about too!
Many thanks
F and N Phillips